Profit from your skills

Take advantage of the liberty on to set your own rates and your own hours. Teach whichever subject you are comfortable with and where you can earn the most.

As a student, pick and choose subjects and tutors to your liking!

How it works for tutors

Register without worry

There’s a certain amount of information we need from you to be able to transfer money. We also need information about which skills you would like to tutor, when it is convenient, at what price, etc.

You can be bold in filling out this, you commit to nothing. You will get a note if and when someone is interested in booking your lesson. You are free to respond as you please.

Wait until response and then kick ass

If you get an application that you like, accept it. You can communicate with the tutee beforehand. Now you just have to meet up at the location of the lesson and give a great performance!

After you have accepted the application, your rate is locked on the tutee’s card. The money is transferred to you three hours after the lesson if there are no complaints.

The JoeStudy fee is 20%

Rinse & repeat

Now that you have started it is time to hone your skills, get a great reputation, make money and have a blast.

Teaching should be fun! There are few things as good for the self-esteem as being in demand. People willing to part with their money to hire you is great evidence of being in demand.

Who knows? You might like it so much that you’ll make a career out of it.

How it works for students

Register without worry

To be able to book lessons, we need to verify your email. Then you need to supply your credit card info.

You are however encouraged to fill in more information to build trust between you and the tutor.

You never stop learning!

Learn fascinating stuff. Book fantastic teachers. Become so proficient at the subject that you can start to use your skills professionally. Start tutoring yourself.

Unlock the potential in yourself by learning the subjects that interest you. Take the chance to learn something new and see where it takes you!

Start spreading knowledge

We strongly believe that knowledge passes best between two or more physically present people. Speech flows better without bandwidth problems, connectivity problems or quality problems.

Understanding is improved when a person can use his whole body to explain his meaning. Focus is improved when there are two physical people present for the purpose of making the passing of information as efficient as possible.

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Deep understanding

Other forms of study forget that for the best understanding between tutor and student, it is not only the tutor that has to be understood. The tutee also needs to be understood.

The tutor needs to understand precisely what is blocking the student from capturing the crucial concept. This understanding emerges beautifully when there are two people in a room with pen and paper or with other appropriate tools available.

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Best tool for the job

When there is a crucial concept that the tutee hasn’t understood it often serves no purpose going on about more complex issues because their understanding hinges on having understood more basic concepts.

For teaching to be as efficient as possible it is essential to isolate bottlenecks in understanding as early as possible and put all focus on that issue.

Two people in a room can have the flexibility to change focus in this manner effortlessly while prerecorded online courses cannot.

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Physical presence is crucial

Physical people have more tools available. To look at and touch items can help understanding. Grasping the concept of a mirror is easier if you have a physical mirror and can show how it works.

Similarly the utility of a physical tool like a hammer is better understood by being told how it works and by trying to hammer in a nail with and without a hammer.

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Start spreading knowledge

We believe that knowledge spreads much better with physical tutoring and that we should do much more of it. We hope to make this easier by creating a free, efficient and safe tutoring platform.

Please try it out.