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My name is Thomas Brecke Amundsen. Early in the 2010s, I did a Ph.D in physics. During this time I discovered how to properly understand a subject. The trick is to verify that you can produce the content yourself. If you can do that, you’re good to go.

More importantly I discovered that I enjoy teaching and that I am good at it. To be good at teaching, you have to know the subject at a even higher level. You need to not only know the subject very well, but you need to understand what other people might find difficult to understand.

The difficulty here is that other people may find different things difficult to understand. You need to be able to understand what is blocking them from understanding from their point of view. This requires patience, empathy and mastery of your subject. I have a lot of respect for teachers that are able to do this with multiple subjects and diverse ages.

Lastly what I discovered to my surprise is that teaching can be a lot of fun! When you master your subject you can be confident in yourself. When you are confident you can relax. When you are relaxed, the interaction with the students can be done without creating a stressful situation. In a low stress situation where the student wants to learn and you master your subject, the potential for transferring knowledge is great.

It is a joyous occasion when a student has the eureka moment and you have been able to play a part of it. It is a natural bonding experience and a very human experience. Many people live relatively isolated lives and experiencing this human bonding experience would benefit them.

This is what I discovered after I finished my Ph.D. There should really be a service that makes this possible for people that don't necessarily want to make a career in academia. There should be the possibility to tutor or teach a couple of hours every now and then and teaching the subjects that you think would be fun to teach and charging what you think you can charge and still attract students in the marketplace.

Therefore, JoeStudy aims to provide a completely free and fully flexible educational marketplace for the tutor and for the student.

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